SIDEX 2018

SIDEX Outline


We invite all members of the dental community to SIDEX 2018. 

Organized by the Seoul Dental Association (SDA), Seoul International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress (SIDEX) has become the world’s leading exhibition beyond not only Korea but also Northeast Asia.

SIDEX continues a steady growth as a large scale dental exhibition joining with about 300 participants and 1,000 booths from around the world. SIDEX has established itself as a venue where buyers from the world actively communicate with each other.
The biggest advantage of SIDEX is high interest and participation of dentists who are real consumers of dental equipment as the exhibition takes place along with Scientific Congress and that makes SIDEX all the more special. SIDEX serves as a barometer for the development of dental industry and that is why the world’s dental community is focusing on SIDEX 2018 to experience the latest dentistry. 

The Korean dentistry receives attention as it leads the world’s dentistry in main areas of orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment, implants as well as cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry.
The industrial infrastructure of Korea such as advanced digital technology, IT, and others provide a fertile ground for dynamic growth of the dental industry and dentistry and that also serves as a reason why the global dental community is closely watching Korea. 

SIDEX does not only acts as a hub for the dental industry of Northeast Asia. International exhibitors from Japan, China, the US, Europe, and other countries and regions are now participating in SIDEX. The number of foreign participants in Scientific Congress, where an interpretation service is provided in English, Japanese, and Chinese, has increased significantly and that helped to establish SIDEX as an internationally-renowned event.

In particular, SIDEX has been approved through the American Dental Association (ADA) Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) in 2015 and maintained its recognition since then. The number of ADA CERP-approved providers recognized as providers of continuing dental education is 448 from 12 countries and over 90% or 410 providers are located in the US. There are only two ADA CERP-approved providers in Asia including SIDEX and Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA).

SIDEX, that allows participants to see the development of dentistry at a glance and leads a sophisticated exhibition culture based on accumulated know-hows, are now preparing for its 15th event. I hope you enjoy the largest festival of dental community in Seoul from June 22 to 24, 2018.

From June 22 to 24, 2018!
Hope you enjoy the biggest show in dental industry at COEX.

President of the Seoul Dental AssociationLee sang-Bok