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FOLLOW-ME! was founded in 2003 by Werner Schwenkert, just as digitalization was starting to take off in the dental industry. Since then, the CAM pioneer has played a significant part in shaping dental manufacturing.
FOLLOW-ME! realized early on that milling expertise was becoming increasingly important in the dental industry, and that the challenges here were clearly different from those of other industries.
Our approach was therefore to use a separate company to develop a CAM product from scratch, tailored to the specific needs of the dental industry.
The technology was based on the high-end milling strategies of OPEN MIND, the innovation leader in 5-axis simultaneous milling.
FOLLOW-ME!\\\'s development team is made up of experienced CAM developers and CNC milling experts, as well as dental engineers and dental technicians.
FOLLOW-ME! thus offers a combination of milling and dental know-how which is unique in the market.

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