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  • Company : Dr-Kim Co.
  • Address : #109, 108 HAAN-RO, GWANGMYEONG-SI, GYEONGGI-DO
  • Tel : +82-2-2611-4755
  • Fax : +82-2-2611-4758
  • Website :
  • e-Mail :

Company information

‘Dr-Kim’ is Headlamp bland what whole doctor love. They create headlamp what has shadowless effect through two light source beam. They have 3 model of headlamp, DKH-50, DKH-40, DKH-30. And customized loupe and telescope is attachable on headlamp.
Dr-Kim headlamp creates two light source headlamp world’s first and patent in 2002. And Dr-Kim is awarded ‘Prize of President World Patent and Trademark Office’ in 2007, ‘Excellence awards of Medicine idea contest’ in 2009, and ‘Prize of president Korea patent and Trademark Office’ in 2010. After establish company in 2006. And they record 100% increase of sales every year. They not only sweep over the whole of domestic market, but also export over 50 of country, and they have a favorable notice from doctors in the world.

Product Description

헤드램프(Headlamp) - DKH-60
헤드램프(Headlamp) - DKH-50(S)
확대경(Loupe) - DKL-5
루뻬(Loupe) - DKT-3
루뻬(Loupe) - DKT-4
카메라(Camera) - DCAM-4