SIDEX 2021

Scientific Congress

Scientific Congress Programs

K-Dentistry beyond the New Normal

Venue AM PM
Auditorium (3F)
10:00 ~ 11:00
Aging Society: Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Denture combined with Bio-functional Prosthetic System
(Dr. Masayuki Aizawa / Aizawa Dental Clinic (Japan))

11:00 ~ 12:00
The Reason why Make An Ill-Fitting Denture
(Hoon Jae Lee / Seouljonghap Dental Clinic)
Live Surgery
14:00 ~ 15:30
Implant Placement Using Osseodensification Approch
(Dr. Jong Cheol Jeong / More Dental Clinic)
Live Surgery
15:30 ~ 17:00
Crestal Approach, FIRST!
(Prof. Chang Joo Park / Hanyang University Hospital)
Conference Room(South) 4F
Room 401(402)
(simultaneous interpretation in English)
10:00 ~ 11:00
Electrosurgical Aid in Daily Dental Practice
(Dr. Myung Rae Kim / Kim's Dental Clinic)
11:00 ~ 12:00
The Unbearable Difficulty of 3rd Molar Extraction - How can we do it Easily?
(Dr. Hyun Syeob Kim / Double M oral and maxillofacial surgery)
14:00 ~ 15:00
Predictable, Soft and Hard Tissue Management for Complex Esthetic Cases in Implant Dentistry
(Prof. Thomas J. Han / Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC (USA))
15:00 ~ 16:00
How Digital Orthodontics Change our Treatment
(Dr. Lionel Hui Bon Hoa (France))
16:00 ~ 17:00
The Cost-Effective Implant Assisted RPD
(Dr. Tae Wook Jung / Seoul Jung&Oh's Dental Clinic)
Conference Room E
Hall 5,6 (1,2,3,4)
10:00 ~ 11:00
The Guidance for Selection and Use of Intra-Oral Scanner
(Dr. Jong Yup Kim / Boston SMart Dental Clinic)

11:00 ~ 12:00
AI & Digital Dentistry
(Prof. Youngjun Kevin Kim / University of Science and Technology)
14:00 ~ 15:00
Paradigm Hanes of Digital Dentistry
(Dr. Sung Won Park / The 22nd Century Seoul Dantal Hospital)
Digital Dentistry Presentation
15:00 ~ 17:00
CEREC-Inlab : Power of One-Visit Dentistry 
(Dr. Si Chan Park / Evergreen Dental Clinic)
Jack of all Trades-3Shape
(Dr. Sei Young Chun / Digital Hub Dental Clinic)

Then you will know the Exocad, and the Exocad will set you free
(Dr. Jong Mok Han / Hana Dental Clinic)
Conference Room(South) 3F
Room 307 (308)
Joint Presentation
(orthodontics / Pediatric)
10:00 ~ 12:00
Introduction to Muscle Function and Developing Malocclusion in Children
(Dr. Kee Sang Hong / Hong's Dental Clinic for Child & Teen)

MFT for 5 to 70 years old Patients, Endless Struggle Between Structure and Function
(Dr. Cheol Ho Paik / SAI Orthodontic Clinic)
14:00 ~ 15:00
Summary of Clinical Halitosis Control for Beginners
(Dr. Byoung Jin Lee / Korean Academy of Halitosis Control)
15:00 ~ 17:00
How to Prevent Dental Infections Since the Spread of COVID –19?
(Dr. Myung Jin Chung / Guardians Dental Clinic)

Introduction of Infection Control System in Private Dental Hospital and Covid-19 Respond
(Dr. Bum Su Kim / Gwacheon Yonsei Suite Dental Hospital)
Room 317 (318)
10:00 ~ 11:00
Irrigation in Endodontics
(Dr. Ki Young Yoo / Namsang Dental Clinic)

11:00 ~ 12:00
Segmental Filling Technique and Bulk-Fill Material for Successive Posterior Direct Composite Resin Filling
(Dr. Sang Ho Cho / Suseong Artline Dental Clinic)

14:00 ~ 15:00
Selection of Analgesics and Antimicrobials in Dental Clinics
(Prof. Jeong Taeg Seo / Yonsei University College of Dentistry)

15:00 ~ 16:00
Periodontal Treatment - Good Basics
(Dr. Hak Churl Lee / Seoul A Dental Clinic)

16:00 ~ 17:00
Total Periodontal Surgical Therapy in the treatment of Local Dental Clinic
(Dr. Ho Jae Lee / E-HO JAE Dental Clinic in Bundang)
  • There may be some occasional changes in program.
  • Taking videos in the lecture is not allowed
  • Interpretation in English will be provided in Conference room(south) 401/402.
  • Only lectures progressed in Conference room(south) 401/402 will be recognized to ADA CERP credit hours.